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I've always loved teaching and facilitating groups, and today I jump at every chance I get to run a workshop or speak at an event!

Such an amazing day!
I left buzzing with inspiration from all the amazing stories shared and incredible women I connected with.
— kind words after an event I ran for mums

I host workshops regularly, opening up discussions and exploring ideas in a group context, ensuring that the group is a safe space to speak, and helping my clients to grow and learn more about themselves and their Motherhood role.

Frequently Mums who have attended my workshops contact me to say how the session was so much more helpful and supportive that they could have imagined, that they have changed certain ways of doing things at home, that they have had deep conversations with their husbands where they have felt heard for the first time and that have shifted family life for the better, that their children appreciate them more, that they have created space in the week for themselves, and that they are so much happier!

Thank you for a super day with so many like-minded amazing Mums!
And such inspirational stories
— kind words after an event i ran for Mums

'Such a great day.

I can't wait for the next workshop.

Thank you.’

kind words after an event I ran for Mums


Motherhood Full-Circle

Women have always sat together and shared stories.

Motherhood, parenting, health, home, work, relationships - sharing stories together is something of a rite of passage and eases transition for us all as we share and learn. I am creating a local Motherhood Full-Circle, to coincide with the new moon each month, so that we can sit together in a supportive non-judgemental space to meet and learn, share and support each other.

All Mothers at any stage of Motherhood welcome.

Please email me directly if you would like to know more, or if you are local and interested to attend.