Hello. I’m Dr Caz Udall.

I am passionate about Motherhood and I take every opportunity I can to talk about it.


My mission is to help Mums to step out of the smallness of Motherhood and into the Bigness of the role. I live this everyday as a mum of 3 children (2 teens and a 4 year old) and wife to a busy global businessman.

I offer coaching to Mums, and I blog about it most days, and have an opinion on most Motherhood and parenting issues.

I am available for speaking to deliver an alternative and inspirational message to Mums about Motherhood across the globe. 

The rise of the Insta Mum means that comparison, judgement, dissatisfaction and despair are expressed daily online, along with messages of support and pseudo counselling. 

My mission is to enable Mums and others to step into their Leadership - to see the vital role that Mums play in the world, not just for our children and families, but for encouraging debate and change in our wider society as well.

I’m passionate about sharing my learning, insight, experience and inspiration around how we can step into our Leadership, and keep focus on ourselves whilst recognising the power we have as women, as mothers, and as full members of society, both online and offline, no matter our age or experience.

So much fun. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us all.
— kind words after a speaking engagement

I am keen to get in front of people with my thoughtful yet provocative message around modern Motherhood, keen to deliver a new narrative around Motherhood and everyday Leadership that will change perspectives, and quite possibly lives.

So whether this is writing articles or speaking to Mums in the workplace, Young Mums, Antenatal groups, Post Natal groups, Biz Mums, or any other Mum network (formal or informal) or Parenting group on issues around Birth Preparation, Transition to Motherhood, the many transitions within and different stages of Motherhood, Identity, Confidence, Relationships, Good Enough Mum, or another Motherhood or Parenting issue, I’m the speaker for you.

It is vital for the conversation to take in ALL dimensions of Motherhood - those beyond the Mother herself. This must include Relationships, Organisation and Purpose as explained in my Full Circle of Motherhood posts.

I am happy to create articles and talks focused on the needs of your organisation and the message you want your audience to walk away with. If you have a specific requirement then contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

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I can speak on a range of issues around modern motherhood

Speaking and writing examples might include:

  • Parenting; Birth Preparation; Transition to Motherhood; Different stages of Motherhood; Parenting issues and child development stages...

  • Me: Self care for Mums; Boundaries; ConfidentMum...

  • Relationships - maintaining your intimate relationship; having hard conversations; managing your Mother in Law; avoiding toxic friendships...

  • Organisation: planning for Family Success; how to enjoy the school holidays while juggling work and children...

  • Purpose: finding your purpose beyond home and children; finding purpose in Motherhood...

  • Current media stories: Social Media and our children; Raising Digital Natives...

Talks relating directly to my philosophy are:

  • The Fullness of Motherhood - managing the Mental Load of Motherhood

  • Good Enough Mum - dispelling the myth of the perfect Mum

  • Confident Mum - finding yourself as a Mum and feeling good about your choices

  • Intentional Mum - slow parenting, making time for your children, making time for yourself and knowing your purpose, connecting deeply with your partner.


Publications and articles I have written for/contributed to:

Modern Woman Magazine:

Back to the Boardroom

Mother Christmas

Woman Magazine:

Should you ban your kids from Social Media?


Why Dr Caz?

  • My journey so far includes 16 years of Motherhood and entrepreneurship, post doctoral level research into leadership in the classroom, undergraduate teaching of Education, Social Psychology, and Human Development, and the unique experience of growing up alongside over 300 foster children of differing levels of need (my parents were foster carers for over 30 years).

  • I always bring authenticity, relate-ability, and empathy to my writing and to the speaking experience, often injecting my own stories, experience and practical suggestions to drive home key learnings.

  • I love to incorporate interaction and group facilitation, if appropriate, to ensure that the audience feels part of the conversation.

  • I can share a valuable message around Motherhood from many angles. I can submit proposals, recommendations, top tips as appropriate and crafted to the needs of your audience.

  • As Mum to a Toddler, a Tween and a Teen I am uniquely placed to share the experiences of parenting from many age groups and perspectives. From both the pre-digital generation to the present, I believe that raising Digital Natives and having an online presence myself means that I have a unique perspective around parenting today that is relevant to both the growing body of Generation Y and Millennial InstaMums, and to those of Generation X who more commonly choose not to share their stories online.

Such a great session.
Very inspiring to hear about your work with Mums
— kind words after a speaking engagement
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Whether through Motherwork, or Otherwork, give it 100% and teach your children to live a life of Purpose
— Dr Caz Udall