Your inner voice - your Inner Leader

What’s your inner voice saying to you right now? What sort of voice is it? Is it motivating and nurturing of you, or is it super critical and harsh?

My inner voice did a massive recalibration when I had my first baby. I imagined that my inner voice was a voice she could hear and so after years of hurtful, negative self talk I started to change that voice to one of kindness, and over time I became way more gentle and compassionate with myself, and have been able to find real confidence and inner strength.

Years of social conditioning force us to fall into the trap of mean inner talk and this inner critic can chip away at our confidence, our progress, our sense of self. Instead, if we can practice speaking kindly to ourselves, nurturing and guiding ourselves with daily compassion for both the progress and the mistakes made, we can allow ourselves to grow and feel good.

Isn’t that the voice we aspire to use with our children? A voice that helps them feel valued and able to learn and grow and step confidently into the world as the whole, good enough, ‘warts and all’ person they need to be?

This voice is the manifestation of our Inner Leader, our true self, and is within us always. Our Inner Leader needs some help to emerge, it needs a gentle word or two to find it’s way to the surface of all the inner critical chatter.

Go inwards today and give yourself the gift of kind inner talk and your Leader will begin to emerge strong and ready to guide you.

Caroline UdallComment