Motherhood Full Circle

So, I recently launched my Fullness of Motherhood Method to my subscribers and I thought I would share some more of the background of the Method here.

A huge element of the Method lies in my belief that Motherhood is not about seeking balance, but rather it's about integration: Integration of all the things we Mums do, whether that's parenting, working, running the house, etc., etc.

I have created the Fullness of Motherhood Method as a way of getting #AllTheThings in my Mental Load under control. But this has taken me years of thinking, practicing, and doing, and getting it wrong, and trying again, in order to come up with the background to my Method which is this: That Motherhood is a circle, a Full Circle, full of #AllTheThings that we not only do, but that we are as human beings...

I see Motherhood as going Full Circle with everything that we do and think about everyday as an integrated whole. But this whole can very easily become overwhelming, so it needs some order around it.

And so I organise everything into 4 areas:

✨ Me -Any admin/planning to do with YOU

✨ Relationships - Any admin/planning to do with those you are in relationship with

✨ Organisation - Any life admin and logistics for organising Home and Family

✨ Purpose  - Any admin/planning related to Work or Projectsyou are involved in.

Maybe you can relate? 
I have always loved being a Mum, but I have always felt that there was more to Me than the daily grind of sorting the family and home. I often felt that I was at the bottom of the priority list with admin and organising and washing and tidying up often dominating my day - not to forget all the parenting duties, large and small, wonderful and infuriating!

Before I began to see Motherhood in this new way I was unable to accept integration with any grace; interruptions to my plans or my work day threw me off and left me feeling resentful that I was carrying the burden at home while my husband appeared to carry on with his normal routines and commitments. And if I did get the opportunity I felt guilty for taking time out to go to the gym or see friends or pursue things that energised me. I often felt that I was at home watching the world go by while family life dominated my every move and #AllTheThings kept me down.

I was completely unable to see the Full circle of what I was trying to do and who i was trying to be, and so I was unable to communicate anything other than the resentment with my husband, I was unable to ask for the support that I needed from him, or anyone else.

Fast forward to today:

✨ I make time for Me; I schedule appointments and make time to relax, and do the things I enjoy and that energise me.
✨ I make time for my Relationships; I spend time with my husband having deep conversations, I enjoy being with my children, I make phone calls to those I love, I make coffee dates, and I arrange to see old friends for dinner catch ups.
✨ I make time to Organise future family trips, I pay bills and reply to emails, I sort through and file life admin, I over-see my Teen's school & sporting commitments and social lives.
✨ I make time to do the things that give me a sense of Purpose - my paid work being just one of these things. I write lists of goals around things that energise and excite me, I create action points and make things happen, I connect with the part of me that vibrates on a higher level and I feel GREAT!!

The reality:
I have a very busy family and personal life and I still have a potentially overwhelming To Do List, I still have the house to run and near constant Mum duties, and a business that I love.

The difference is that I have a very clear idea of how I want my home to run and how I want my family to experience this. I'm being intentional about how I do things:
✨ I have weekly systems that I use at home and I stick to them.
✨ I have a weekly schedule and I stick to it.
✨ I have clear personal boundaries and I can say confidently say No and I don't take on everything that comes my way.

I also have my family on board with this:
✨ I communicate effectively with my family
✨ I delegate certain task and responsibilities to my family
✨ I automate certain systems at home
✨ I happily integrate all and everything into my role - that is I see #AllTheThings as part of Motherhood and so am more able to accept some of the frustrations and limitations of #MumLife
✨ I appreciate what, and who, I have - everyday.

The key point here is that I have chosen to have a certain mindset around Motherhood, and my family are able to respond positively as they know what is going on and where they stand in all this.

This mindset, this intentionality, is what makes our family life CALM, ORGANISED & HAPPY!

And that, for me, is what LEADERSHIP OF MUMS is all about; creating systems and having a mindset that enables us Mums to experience a calm, organised, happy, even joyful, Motherhood.

Of course there are days where it doesn't all go to plan, where something unexpected comes up and plans don't work out, or when there is too much shouting - but that's reality, that's family life, and there is no failure here, just more integration and more learning.

What I want for you...
If you're finding Motherhood and family life a struggle, full of overwhelm, chaos, disconnection, miscommunication, or whatever it might look like for you, I want YOU to get to this same feeling of calm, organised & happy!

So, i have made the Fullness of Motherhood Method available to my subscribers.

At the end of the day I'm a Mum with a system that works.  I'm not making £££ from this, and in fact, I'm really happy to be giving all this away.

So, let's do this together. Subscribe to my newsletter and you too can have access to my Fullness of Motherhood Method.

Let's see what magic we can create for our families and homes by being intentional and leading them towards what is possible.

Caz xx