The Fullness of Motherhood

I believe there is more to Motherhood than all the Small things - the Mental Load that can literally weigh us down and, if we’re not careful, take up all of our time.

I believe that an essential part of Leadership is having a mindset that enables us to face into all these things and integrate all that we do towards getting our homes and families organised, leaving us the time to do the things we want to do with and beyond our families.

Yes, I’ve been there. I know how family life can sometimes get too much. All the Small things (laundry/school run/cleaning up after everyone/admin) stacking up and filling my brain until I feel confused by brain fog and overwhelm; with all the Big, exciting, satisfying things (all that Mum wants and needs to do) and my sense of perspective and joy and purpose pushed out of reach. Creating a vicious circle of overload, overwhelm, and resentment.

I don’t like feeling like this, and I’m guessing you don’t either. And with all of the choices and demands made on us it is no wonder that Motherhood itself often gets the rap for creating this experience - you only have to look through Instagram to see all the posts from Mums which are often not about parenting or Mothering per se but about all the other stresses and strains that come with having a family. Which is a shame for Motherhood, whilst hard work, can be so rewarding and positive, and we want our kids to see us happy and fulfilled, not tired and resentful.

However, I choose to take a different Mindset and I am keen to share a Method that I have developed to enable all Mums to step into this positive mindset.

I view Motherhood as an integration of all the things I need and want to do, both the Small things and the Big, and I make space for them all. That is ALL the things that Mum has to do everyday for the family, from the Small, mundane, repetitive things to the Big things. Integrating it all:

This is the Fullness of Motherhood.

It is about making intentional choices and taking responsibility for them, and it is about appreciating the Fullness of Motherhood (children, home, relationships, work and not forgetting Me in the process!) and keeping it all in check.

And the bottom line is that Motherhood involves a LOT of organising; from clean PE kits to replying to all the school admin; from childcare, family days out and all the appointments; from keeping the fridge full to paying the phone bill. 

I have developed the Fullness of Motherhood Method from 16 years of my own Motherhood experience; through experiencing overwhelm and chaos, to creating systems that work for me and my family and home. 

The FOM-Method is a realistic way to get home and family organised, leaving you the time to do the things you want to do with and beyond your family. And I now want to share these systems to help other Mums enjoy an intentional and Full Motherhood, using the FOM-Method as a stepping stone towards Leading family and home.

The full resources are all available to all my newsletter subscribers;

The Fullness of Motherhood full resource is made up of 5 documents and these are now available to my newsletter subscribers:

  1. You will start off by receiving the Fullness Of Motherhood - All Out. This is a good place to familiarise yourself with the Method, and it is a great place to start if you have a huge admin back log and need to clear your mental load!

  2. The next resource is the Full Circle - Priority Matrix, which will help you to work out what to do right now to make a dent in your list and relieve some of that mental load.

  3. The third resource is 10 easy Wins which will help to shift your mindset and really get you stepping into your Leadership.

  4. Once you have these 3 initial resources - and the hope is that by now you have started to make some real sense out of your Mental Load - you will receive the Fullness Of Motherhood - Weekly Method which gives you a sustainable weekly method for keeping that mental load in order.

  5. And the final piece off the puzzle is that, importantly, you don’t have to do this alone. The Mental Load is a shared experience and you will find ways to get your husband and children on board with the Fullness Of Motherhood - Weekend and Family.

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I hope you enjoy exploring the FOM-Method. I’d love to know how you get on!

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