July Micro Retreat

As the school year comes to a close, isn't it about time we Mums celebrated our own successes, however big or small?

We celebrate our kids achievements with end of year school assemblies, ceremonies and prize givings, we celebrate teachers with signed cards and gifts, but what is missing is US MUMS celebrating what we do all year round too! 


I bet you, like me have done loads this year, both BIG and small. From the mountains of laundry; the many, many school runs; wrangling screaming toddlers; sorting sibling rivalries; developing new biz ideas; juggling work commitments; organising childcare; securing school places for next year; completing home improvement projects; negotiating teens and tweens; arranging family holidays; planning social commitments; organising and delivering Christmas; keeping love alive; managing house moves; growing new tiny humans...  You get the idea!

Mums are incredible and we just don't celebrate that enough! We don't expect or need gifts or prizes. We're not asking for that and we don't need anyone's permission to celebrate. It's not completely frivolous, and its certainly not pointless.

As we Mums face into the long summer holidays ahead, what can we do to stop for a minute, acknowledge and celebrate our own successes? 

The end of the school year offers welcome space to stop for a well deserved rest and the summer holiday creates the time to transition towards the next school year and the next phase of growth. But before we get there, after a year of hard work and busy-ness, highs and not so highs, it's good to celebrate and recognise all that we have achieved - ALL of us!

We shouldn't wait to be acknowledged by others for what we do. We're all brilliant, perfectly-imperfect, good-enough Mums and we need to shout about it a bit more!

So let's claim it!

As my children come to the end of another school year I'm taking a moment to look back over the last 12 months and think about what I have achieved. I will celebrate by taking some intentional moments for myself; I was so lucky to go for a spa day last week with a lovely friend for her birthday (and that's where this idea started!); I'm going to make sure I go for that walk in the woods later today - even if it's just for 5 restorative minutes; I'm going to have that celebration coffee and cake with School Mum friends; I'm going to talk to my children about what makes me proud of them, and make sure they know that I'm proud of ME, and that they should be too.

What have you done this last year that you should be celebrating? This is no time for modesty, and anything goes, so go wild! Celebrate all that you've achieved and all that you are!

And if you need a few prompts try my July Micro-Retreat for inspiration!

I'm really interested to know how you will celebrate your achievements, so be sure to post on insta using the hashtag:  #CelebratingMumsSuccess and share your successes and achievements with a brilliant community of Mums who will cheer for you too!