What do you say when people ask you what it is that you do..?

‘So, Caz, what have you been up to lately?

‘Oh, well, The Husband has been travelling loads as usual so I’ve been organising the kids, the house, you know, keeping everything together...

Er, no... That’s not really what I wanted to say... Scratch that:

‘What have I been up to? Well what haven’t I been up to! Taxiing the kids everywhere, keeping the house in order, sorting the school holiday plans, arranging a family holiday...

Er, no. Sh!t... Can I try again?

‘Well, I used to work in teaching and research and my favourite place was the university library between lectures, oh how I miss that library...

Oh sh!t no, one more time please...

Do you ever stumble on how to describe what you’ve been up to, or what your life looks like now you’re a Mum? Does your Dad/neighbour/friend start to glaze over when you attempt your answer?

I’ve been doing this gig in various forms for 15 years and still I get caught off guard. But more lately I’ve been determined to get my story straight so that I can present myself as the awesome, confident, purposeful Mum that I am.

I’m going to tell them this:
I’m currently setting up a website to include an online course and resources for Mums, I've been recording a Podcast, and I offer coaching for Mums to help them strategise home and family life, all the while supporting my husband as he travels for work, and I get to be around for my 3 children. Life’s great! Thx for asking! 

Doesn’t that sound better? Doesn’t that sound like a woman who is following her dreams whilst confidently choosing to be positive around my choices in motherhood?!

So in the run up to all those Summer gatherings you’ll be going to, how about working out what your story is for YOU first? No apologies. No stumbling. Just confidently YOU.

Caz x