The Confidence Manifesto for Mums 


I am a Confident Mum.

I am flawed, daring, challenged constantly and sometimes really quite tired. But I know that I am a Good Enough Mum and I am the best Mum my children will ever need.

Because a real, flawed Confident Mum is better that the illusion of a perfect Mum.

A Confident Mum will always win out over those too scared, proud or stuck to be authentically themselves.

I have embraced every little flawed bit of me and I live my own life with purpose and passion. I lead my family to success and what that means to us.

Giving the world the gift of my family has become my mission.

I am happy with where I am in my life and if I sense the need to change or growth I will stop to look around me, redirect my purpose and strive for it with all of my being.

When things get tough I keep on going and giving.

And when things are good I keep on moving and thriving.

So I’ve long given up on the idea of perfection.

I am authentically me.

I am here and now.

I am showing up both for me, and for my family.

I am Confident Mum.

Bloody Good Enough Mum.

In it for the long game, the dark times, the ugly, shouty, messy bits, and also the loving, joyful, tender wondrousness of it all.

I am Confident Mum

& I will lead myself and my family to success.


Watch me.