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Are you ready to Lead your family and home?


Overwhelm, the weight of the mental load, not feeling ‘good enough’ - all common themes for Mums, and these can all be avoided by getting intentional and calling on your Inner leader to help you.

Are you a Mum who wants to get her head clear, get organised, and find that illusive sense of control/balance?

Leadership of Mums, an online platform dedicated to changing the narrative around Motherhood and inspiring Mums to find their Inner Leader -  your inner voice who will guide you towards having a leadership mindset, an organised home and family, happier relationships , and being a happier Mum.

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Leadership of Mums is for Mums who want to get intentional and take Lead of their lives: towards having an organised home and family, happier relationships, and being a happier Mum.

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Leadership of Mums is about recognising
the important work that Mums do everyday -
inside and outside of home, with and for their families.
— Dr Caz udall

My story

I’ve been a wife/partner for 24 years and a Mum for 16 years, and since becoming a Mum I’ve found that I have more or less run the house and family whilst continuing to work from home, while my husband continues to travel away for his work most weeks.

My husband does his fair share when he is around - we have found effective ways of communicating and sharing the load between us thankfully! - but I am the one holding the bigger picture in mind.

I am Leading home and family -


All. The. Time:

Social arrangements? Me

Christmas? Me.

Holidays? Me.

Finances? Me.

House admin? Me.

School admin? Me.

You get the idea!

I may not have known it back in 2003 when I had my first baby,
but I started Leading my home and family
as soon as I became a Mum.
— Dr Caz udall

Leading home and family does not mean that you have to shoulder the entire Mental or domestic Load however.

What it means is that you keep the bigger picture in mind. You are then in a position to communicate, delegate and share that load appropriately so that everyone does their fair share.

Family success is relative to each family.
It might mean getting the kids to school on time today,
or it might mean planning and supporting your child
for exams or other important milestones.
It’s all relative, but it needs to be intentional if it’s going to happen at all.
And so a Leadership mindset is imperative.
— dr caz udall

I have a PhD in Education (University of Southampton, 2002). My thesis explored how leadership and teaching styles in education settings can affect learning outcome; when students were encourage to take responsibility for their learning I found that when students were enabled to become leaders of their own learning.

My research explored teaching processes through a triangulation of qualitative research methods; reflective practice, grounded theory, action research and pointed towards the benefits for Organisational leadership practices, organisation culture, and selected organisational outcomes when Leaders encourage and facilitate metacognition and reflective practice amongst staff at all levels of an organisation.

And herein lies my initial interest and explorations into leadership and organisations. And as my Motherhood journey has progressed I have found more and more connection with organisational and leadership theories: What greater and more influential organisation is there than the family, and the leadership of Mum (and Dad)?

When I left academia I was keen to put my PhD thesis & knowledge, personal experience & understanding to good use and so I have spent the last 16 years leading my home and family, working 1:1 with Mums, and developing my practice through my Leadership of Mums work. I also write resources, run workshops, speak at events, and am writing a book. I am always keen to reflect on my experience and develop my practice and I am currently undertaking the Holding Space Practitioner Program.

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Know Your Worth

I am passionate about helping Mums Lead home and family.

I have developed my resources to help you move from overwhelm, chaos, or feeling a lack of value in your Motherhood role, to feeling organised, confident, calm at home, and a renewed sense of purpose and value in your role, using realistic tools and systems which allow you to embrace your Leadership, leaving you the time to do the things you want to do with and beyond your family.

...I never thought of Motherhood as Leadership
because I have experienced my position as less powerful...
it’s given me a real boost to see myself in this way...
— a mum using my resources
Looking back on my mentoring with Caz,
it was having simply someone listen and enabling me to talk it through
that helped me to find a new perspective.
— coaching client: Mum of 2