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Hello lovely lady! I’m Caz - welcome to Leadership of Mums

Thanks for dropping in. So, how’s it going? 

Perhaps you’re here because:

  • You’re a Mum

  • You’d like to learn more about Leading your home and family

  • You’d like to get your partner on board with the ‘mental load’ and ‘life admin’

  • You're feeling overwhelmed, disorganised or have lost confidence

  • You feel judged for your Motherhood choices and struggle to articulate what you do as a Mum

  • You're experiencing difficulties (parenting, relationship, work/life) and you're not sure where to look for support

  • You’d like to reconnect with who YOU are

  • You’d like to reconnect with your Other Half

  • You'd like to rethink how you do things with your children

  • You’re excited to reconnect with your sense of Purpose

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Or maybe you’re here out of curiosity?

If so that’s fine, you’re still welcome! Come on in and take a look around.

I hope there’s something here you like the look of. If you want to chat or learn more then feel free to contact me and ask that burning question - I may just be able to help!

Caz x

Looking back on my coaching with Caz, it was having someone listen and enabling me to talk it through that helped so much.
— coaching client: Mum of 2

Any of this resonate?

If so you’re in the right place!


I’ve been a wife/partner for 24 years and a Mum for 15 years, and since becoming a Mum I’ve more or less run the house and family while my husband continues to travel globally for his work.

Naturally, things have changed for us both since becoming parents, and my husband does his fair share when he is around, but I am the one who is holding the bigger picture in mind - All. The. Time:

  • Social arrangements? Me

  • Christmas? Me

  • Holidays? Me

  • Finances? Me

  • House admin? Me

  • School admin? Me

    You get the idea!

    Leading home and family does not mean that I have to shoulder the entire Mental Load however.

    What it means is that whilst I am able to keep the bigger picture in mind, I am then in a position to communicate, delegate and share that load appropriately so that we both do our share.

I may not have known it back in 2003 when I had my first baby, but I started leading my home and family as soon as I became a Mum.
— Dr Caz udall

I am passionate about helping other mums find their own value in Motherhood and step into their Leadership at home.


So take a look!

Spend some time reading through the site and see what resonates for you. This is not a hard sell. I know Mums are super busy and time poor, and don’t always take time to invest in themselves. So see this time as an investment in YOU!

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