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Are you ready to Lead?


Hey there - I’m Caz!

I’m a Mum of 3, wife of 1, and former academic, and

I believe there is more to Motherhood than all the Small things -

the Mental Load that can literally weigh us down and, if we’re not careful, take up all of our time.

I believe that an essential part of Motherhood is having a Leadership mindset

which supports us to accept all these (Small and Big) things and enables us to

integrate all that we do towards getting intentional, and getting our homes and families organised,

leaving us the time to do the things we want to do with and beyond our families,

to dream big and then bigger still!

Leadership of Mums is about recognising
the important work that Mums do everyday -
inside and outside of home, with and for their families.
— Dr Caz udall

I’ve been a wife/partner for 24 years and a Mum for 16 years, and since becoming a Mum

I’ve more or less run the house and family whilst continuing to work from home,

while my husband continues to travel away for his work most weeks.

My husband does his fair share when he is around, but

I am the one holding the bigger picture in mind -


All. The. Time:

Social arrangements? Me

Christmas? Me.

Holidays? Me.

Finances? Me.

House admin? Me.

School admin? Me.

You get the idea!

I may not have known it back in 2003 when I had my first baby,
but I started Leading my home and family
as soon as I became a Mum.
— Dr Caz udall

Leading home and family does not mean that you have to shoulder the entire Mental or domestic Load however.

What it means is that you keep the bigger picture in mind.

You are then in a position to communicate, delegate and share that load appropriately

so that everyone does their fair share.

Family success is relative to each family.
It might mean getting the kids to school on time today,
or it might mean planning and supporting your child
for exams or other important milestones.
It’s all relative, but it needs to be intentional if it’s going to happen at all.
And so a Leadership mindset is imperative.
— dr caz udall

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Know Your Worth

I am passionate about helping Mums find value in Motherhood and help them step into their Leadership.

I have developed my resources to help you

move from overwhelm, chaos, and feeling a lack of value in Motherhood,

to organised, confident, calm at home, and a renewed sense of purpose and value in your role,

using realistic tools and systems which allow you to embrace your Leadership,

leaving you the time to do the things you want to do with and beyond your family.

...I never thought of Motherhood as Leadership
because I have experienced my position as less powerful...
it’s given me a real boost to see myself in this way...
— a mum using my resources
Looking back on my mentoring with Caz,
it was having simply someone listen and enabling me to talk it through
that helped me to find a new perspective.
— coaching client: Mum of 2