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are you ready to Lead your family and home?

I’m Caz - I’m a wife and Mum of three turned Motherhood and Family Systems Strategist, and the founder of Leadership of Mums.

I help Mums step into their Leadership at home and in the family.

This kind of Motherhood is about being intentional and recognising the immense value in the Motherhood role: that as Mum, I am a vital part of a family system, and more importantly that I am in a Leadership position in my family and home - take a look at the Fullness of Motherhood- Method for an insight to this work.

At one level, this kind of Motherhood is about creating efficient and successful systems that work for me and my family and home. And at another level, it is about recognising the many transitions of Motherhood, and hopefully enjoying Motherhood as an important part of my life - meaning that I don’t lose sight of who I am and what else in my life brings me a sense of freedom, joy, meaning and Purpose.

welcome to

Leadership of Mums

Leadership of Mums is about recognising
the important work that Mums do everyday -
inside and outside of home, with and for their families.
— Dr Caz Udall

with 3 children of my own - 2 Teenagers and a 4 year old - I believe that Mums are perfectly positioned to Lead their families to success.


Now, just to be clear, Dads are great too. But I am all about Mums!

There have been plenty of days in my Motherhood journey where I have felt exhausted, under-appreciated and doubtful about my role and my choices; days where the house is chaos, where the children are bickering, and where the fridge is empty. 

But now, more often than not, I have great days. Days were everything flows, everyone is happy, and where I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and have the headspace to follow my own passions.

I have spent a lot of time and energy reflecting on, critiquing, talking about and working on myself and my Motherhood role. Working out what works and why.

My coaching approach helps Mums to start with themselves, and then apply systems to their family and home. And through this approach I am able to help Mums step into their Leadership.

I’ve been Leading my home and family towards success since I became a Mum 15 years ago, and I am passionate about helping other Mums step into their Leadership. 

my aim is to empower you to

become the leader I know you can be.

Motherhood, for me, is about being confident in your choices (some of which may not even feel like actual ‘choices’), and being OK with the fact that the choices you make today might not be the choices that you make tomorrow.
— Dr Caz Udall

the benefits of bringing Leadership into your home:

Organised home & family life.

More time for yourself.

Improved quality of relationship with your partner/husband.

Improved relationships with all family members.

Clear personal & family boundaries.

Calm, happy family life.

Calm, happy, purposeful mum!

Family success is relative to each family - it might mean getting the kids to school on time today, or it might mean planning and supporting your child for SATs or other school exams. It’s all relative, but needs to be planned in advance if it’s going to happen at all.
— Dr Caz Udall

are you ready

to Lead your family?


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